A sigh. A snap. A thud.
Brown half-buried in red. Red half-hidden in green. Green half-shrouded in shadow.
Warm yellow fingers. Cool wispy hair. Scented summer. Monsoon in the air.

A scout. An army. The colony.
Endless jagged line of red. For Queen through the green. The afterglow and darkening shadow.
Cool purple face. Cold silver eye. Nocturnal grace. Daylight falsify.

The chip-chipping. The marching. The feeding.
Endless jagged line of slaves. For Queen to the grave. Mindless miners and faultless brave.
Cold black face. Far fiery eyes. Midnight graceless. Noontide wry.

The silence. An awn. A caw.
Empty path of phantom ants. No queenie wrath nor holy chants. No empaths and no romance.
Warm orange fingers. Cool wispy hair. Laden grey lingers. Monsoon air ensnare.

A core. A soil. A sun.
Life eats death makes way. Mother swallows death conceive. Heaven opens let fall life.
Cool blue rushings. Warm rust fallings. Monsoon blushing. New life calling.

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