So, it has come to this my friends—
The end is here, and soon no longer I.
Though I leave the night a darker place,
And although my fine desires fade,
My past is yours to keep and,
Gratefully, my memories will stay.

Now, I say goodbye to all I love
And good riddance to all I don’t.
Weakened, humbled, yet still yearning,
I have set my sights on higher planes,
For no matter what exists beyond, I know
The devil here would rather I set sail.

I take my final bow and blow my kisses far.
Let my bare feet fall and never hit the ground,
Give me leave to float for evermore in blissful sleep.

Goodbye my friends, goodbye my unrequited love.
Stay your tears for it has been my wish to go.
The end is come for me but, pray
Fair winds find you well.

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