The road was smooth, the traffic was sparse, and the winds were cool in her hair. She eased on the accelerator. She wished it was as easy to slow her mind down. In her hurry and the anxiety to get everything done and done right, she never really gave much thought about anything that was not directly on her line of sight, and sometimes, she did wonder if her thoughtlessness affected others, or how much. She also sometimes wondered what she had to do, what had to happen for her to step off the high-tension wire she was always on. And sometimes, morbidly, she imagined a head-on collision with a truck. It might very well take something like that to put a comma in her life. But she also imagined lying in the hospital bed and worrying to death about the things that needed to be done. For her, the future was always coming too soon, and she was always ill-prepared.

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